Trump — Evil yes, Genius no

Trump — evil yes, genius no. We are stunned by Trump’s bulldozer run of executive orders. He has caused distress and confusion worldwide. He has accelerated violence. Muslims have reason to be afraid. I rarely use the word, but this is evil. We are angry and venting. Protest is everywhere.  

Analysts call Trump’s tactic a “shock event”, a ploy to numb us in advance of worse things. Experts caution that fatigue and desensitization is exactly what Trump wants, that we are playing into his clever hands, as if he is a mastermind. We are jarred again by this analysis. Should we subdue ourselves in wait for the unnamed big one? Or, we wonder, are the analysts unwittingly colluding with Trump by silencing us? To cry out and wear out, or to smolder in silence? Be sure, anger and protest is the healthy response of normal human beings in the face of hate.

Trump is not a mastermind. Honestly, we cannot be surprised, every action was a campaign promise. I am sure his supporters are very impressed. It was predictable. True, he acted quickly, giving no time for debate, but he never wanted any. We are adapting. We can track more than one event at a time. We have a list: the repeal of healthcare, cuts in foreign aid to groups that support abortion, authorization for pipelines and the Mexican wall, shutting out refugees and banning Muslims from travel. Every hit is in our ledger. There will be a reckoning for everything.

Truth has more genius than Trump. Ego and greed power hate and destruction, but they are weaker than truth and hope. Truth survives all lies. It enlists unexpected allies. Truth provides moral clarity and infinite energy. We will not let up.