Hi, I am John Miedema. In 2009 I published a small book, Slow Reading, a set of academic essays about the benefits and pleasure of reading at a voluntary pace. It was a timely book, feeding into the trending debate about the Kindle and other e-readers. The book caught a wave of interest internationally and I was interviewed by several major media. That was fun.

Since then I have been working on a larger imaginative work, exploring ideas about books, the internet and machine life. This new work is called After Reading. I have finished the conceptual stage — you can read the outline. I am now drafting the work on the web as a series of short essays with sketches. I will be posting that content along with other subjects of personal interest, everything from fitness and psychology to culture and politics. One day I will publish the core work as an illustrated book. It is a labour of love and I am in no hurry. Slow writing, I suppose.

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