Phaedrus the III is Live. A Chatbot that Learns New Words. Try It!

Phaedrus is the chatbot for my website and Facebook page. I created it on a whim, first as a simple “Hello World” version. A second version was functional and prettier. This third and final (for now) version has actual language smarts. You have to play with it. Click on the icon on the lower right of my website, or click the button on my Facebook page, or use this link.

Many chatbots don’t know what to do with words they do not recognize. I kid you not, Phaedrus III identifies words it does not understand, and asks you to teach it the meaning. It asks you to use the word in a sentence. The next time it encounters the same word it gives it back to you in the sentence. See the figure below:

HAL 9000 it is not. I am still tweaking it and there will be errors but I am a little proud that Phaedrus can be taught new words on the fly. Enjoy.

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