Play with Phaedrus, Version 2 of my Chatbot. Try it.


My friend, “Kerrumba,” said that my chatbot needed a name. He suggested “Phaedrus.” Kerrumba groks this. Maybe it also needs a new picture?

I recently posted the “Hello World” version of my chatbot. It did not do much. The new version is much more functional. Keep in mind that a chatbot is not a full-blown artificial intelligence. It is designed to facilitate a chat-like dialog about a specific range of subjects. Phaedrus can do the following:

  • Present some basic options in button format. E.g, an About button can be clicked to learn more about Phaedrus.
  • Handle chat text for the same, e.g, enter “Tell me about yourself”
  • Show a gallery of some After Reading images
  • Show samples of my After Reading essays
  • Handle subscription requests
  • Send an email directly to the real me
  • Fun. Basic language capabilities. It can recognize and reply to compliments and bad language.
  • It is available on my website — see lower right icon; and on my Facebook page — click the Get Started button. Or click here.

The next step will be to incorporate more sophisticated language handling. Please try it out and let me know how you like it. Thanks.

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