How do you like the rabbit hole? Checking in with my readers.

So how do you like the rabbit hole? Back in March I cautioned that this work, After Reading, is a trip down a rabbit hole. The recent topics about the five bindings of knowledge must have some heads turning. It is all part of Section 1 in the series, focusing the nature of books and knowledge.

The essays can be a bit abstract, I know. It is essential spade work for content that is to come. You will have noticed a bit of repetition across essays. I try to write short standalone essays because that is what works on the web. If an essay depends on a previous one for context, I succinctly repeat the essential points. I am also experimenting with an “agile” style of writing. The idea of agile comes from software development, where code is released in quick sprints and then improved through iterations. I am doing the same with my essays. It is part of a grander plan, undertones for later sections that talk about reading and writing machines, the precursors to machine life. Rabbit hole indeed.

I try to entertain you with sketches and stories. I hope they are sufficient bait and that, once in, you find the ideas compelling. Section 1 will be completed by year end. Heads up. Next year’s focus will be mainly visual. My art skills are slowly improving and I plan a visual leap for next year. I think you will enjoy it. Thanks for reading!

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