Lifeworld. Bigger than Big Data.

The lifeworld is energy and sensation before the minds gets at it. Everyday phenomena, real, continuous, whole, not analyzed. Closely held or embodied, warmed in the hands of self and others, not distanced or chilled by an objective eye. Quality not quantity. Sights and smells and sounds, words too, plain description but not language games. Factual and true in feeling not thought.

Bigger than big data, the lifeworld must be broken to be stored. Take a rock and put it in a box, part of a collection, it is pretty much the same, except for its world; it is out of place. The thing must be broken. Cut something away, make it smaller, now it can be put to bed. Make an analog, like the original, but not. A map. Much better to see and measure and carry.

An image is an analog of the world, that’s easy. But pictures in the brain are less than you think. An artist or Zen master, maybe, but you only see the outline. The rest your brain fills in with math, interpolation. Of what is a book an analog? Big letters in the world? Letters are an analog of speech, speech an analog of things in motion in the world. The book is a broken world.

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