Introverts have Psychic Powers, it Seems

Extroverts own the world, it seems. Natural talkers, they think out loud, enlisting the best minds and hearts to their cause. They may lead out of their depth but all adventure entails risk. Extroverts are comfortable in company and the world, fish in water, easily the centre of attention and recipients of loyalty. All people suffer anxiety but extroverts are not lost to it. The world belongs to all its inhabitants but extroverts are naturally sovereign.

Introverts have psychic powers, it seems. Introverts read people’s minds by attention to facial micro-expressions and body language, interpolating what people do not say. This data can be misread, but it works more often than not. Introverts know the future by orchestrating a complex model of cause and effect in their minds, bolstering it with a rich mental catalogue of similar past events. Be mindful of the secret powers of introverts.

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